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since 2003
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Tiled and Metal Sheet Roofing:
Replacement of broken ridge, hip, and barge tiles.

Regrouting and re sealing of ridges and hips tiles.

Replacement of rusted roof sheets, ridge, hip,
valley plates and roof screws.

Replacing rotten brandering, purlins, sprocket timber and re bracing of cracked truss members and beams.

Treating exposed timber.

Waterproofing of ridges, side and headwall flashings, side laps and roof screws.
Barge & Facia Boards:
Replacement and painting of barge and facia boards.
Preparation and painting of tiled, iron sheet and torch on roof surfaces including exterior walls. (surface cleaning, pressure washing and rust treatment where required)
Re roofing:
Replacement of concrete roof tiles and galvanised or Chromadek IBR and corrugated profile roof sheets.
updated 2018
We provide the following roofing services: